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> Lateral braces   Publie le 01/15/2013

Lateral braces

Why make things complicated when you can keep them simple? STERIS’ new range of lateral braces provides an efficient solution to different needs. The range consists of a basic brace (the economic choice in many cases), a sliding brace, and a sliding and rotating brace.
The third brace features the Easylock system (automatic locking without manual tightening) that enables it to be rotated quickly and very intuitively (releasing the button locks the brace in place). The two adjustable braces fit on the same support (sold separately). This well-thought-out range makes it possible for users to create their own kits!

> TAB 267 head section Head section for neurosurgery   Publie le 01/15/2013

TAB 267 head section Head section for neurosurgery

The TAB 267 head section offers neurosurgeons a new level of comfort before and during procedures. It features adjustment knobs that are both accessible and ergonomic and pads that can be adjusted to the width of the patient’s head to ensure optimum positioning.
An optional cervical traction device can be added for certain procedures. The head section can also be moved to the side to allow C-arm access and enable the surgeon to work with a more natural posture. An optional wrist rest may be added for even for more comfort. Versatile and easy to install, the TAB 267 head section is a must for neurosurgeons.

> Back 05C head section Head section for shoulder surgery   Publie le 01/15/2013

Back 05C head section Head section for shoulder surgery

The Back 05C head section has been engineered down to the smallest details to facilitate shoulder surgery. The Easylock system enables the
patient’s head to be positioned easily and with a high degree of precision.
A press of the button unlocks the head section so that the patient’s head can be placed in the optimum position. Moving the head section is intuitive and requires just one hand. Another press of the button automatically locks the head section in place. The ball-and-socket joint allows final adjustments to be made with even more precision.
Soon, no one will be able to do without such ease of use!

> AUTOMATIC CLAMPS   Publie le 01/15/2013


The new STERIS automatic clamps are locked in one movement. A speed which does not hinder their versatility: they can hold a wide variety of accessories in position, including traction systems, in complete safety.
Available in Standard (reference TAB 740), Rotating (TAB 741) and Rotating for squares (TAB 742) versions.


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