Motorised split leg extensions, SnapLINX fasteners


Motorised split leg extensions supplied with cables to be connected to the Back-up panel of the table. RCWKERNAC optional hand control required to use the extensions with KERNA™General Surgical Table. 

Overall Length : 830mm

Overall width (one leg extension) : 275mm

Abduction movement (manual) : 45°

Angulation  Up/down : +30°/ ‑90

Weight (one leg extension) : 8kg

Max patient and accessories weight : 135kg (maximum allowed weight of 50 kg located on the leg extensions)

Cushion not included

  • L10CX3: 80 mm SnapLINX™ cushion set for LEG10ME
  • L10CX3L: 80 mm SnapLINX™ cushion  for left leg for LEG10ME
  • L10CX3R: 80 mm SnapLINX™ cushion  for right leg for LEG10ME
Compatible with
  • CMAX3
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